Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tough Questions About Cardinal Law

As noted by Cranmer and Damian Thompson, Pope Benedict’s visit to the U. S. is an occasion for tough questions about Cardinal Law and his position in Rome.

When the appointment of Cardinal Law was made, I was not pleased. The harm he brought to the church (and not only the RC church, but the church as a whole) was such that I felt his appointment to St. Mary Major Basilica was highly inappropriate.

But to be fair, the appointment was made by John Paul II in his latter years, not by Benedict. And a closer look at the time revealed that Law was in effect “put on the shelf.”

Still, does Law not remain a Cardinal? Does his position not entail some prestige?

I’d prefer that he be “put on the shelf” in an unpleasant dungeon somewhere. But then I’m rather medieval about such things.

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