Friday, June 12, 2015

The Democrat News Media Summarized

I could get a good rant on about the New York Times and the rest of the Democrat News Media, I really could.  But I have had trouble getting motivated to blog lately.  And my favorite political cartoonist Michael Ramirez summarizes the matter far better than I could.  So . . .

Knee Update:  The knee is worse than I had thought.  I definitely have a tear in my inside right meniscus, and it’s not a small one.  I did think I was getter better.  But it flared up badly and suddenly yesterday morning.  So it is hardly better than it was weeks ago.

Please pray for my spirits and for wisdom on how to proceed . . . and, yes, for the knee, too.

MORE:  And a friend just informed me that I likely aggravated it by kneeling.

Giving up kneeling??? What will this Anglo-Catholic do?

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