Thursday, June 04, 2015

Democrats Prepare to Steal Election for Hillary (But Should They Want To?)

This is really not a new story.  Long-time readers know by now that enabling and committing election fraud is old hat for Democrats.  How do you think they got Obamacare passed?  By getting the felon vote to turn out for Al Franken and by “recounting” the ballots.  And trust me that is only one example.

The reason I bring this up again is I think Democrats would be wise to think twice about their usual election fraud.  Yes, I am helping out Democrats with advice.  I’m nice that way on a good day.

What would be the worst possible scenario for Democrats in 2016?  I contend it would be the “election” of someone as disreputable as Hillary Clinton with the assistance of obvious election fraud.  She would be seen as an illegitimate President and be that much more despised and disrespected at the very beginning of her administration.  Further, there would be the perception that the wishes of the Clintons and of the Democrat establishment are more important than the legitimate votes of Americans.

Making matters worse is the correct and widespread perception that the Democrat Party already doesn’t give a damn about democracy or the Constitution.  (See just about the entire Obama Administration and its supporters.)  Americans have been remarkably patient in dealing with this.  But would they remain patient if, after these long and trying years, Hillary is “elected” fraudulently?

I will refrain from going into details with Big Brother watching, but it would be awful and ugly, not only for the country, but likely for Democrats as well.

I am not predicting that happens.  (If you want a prediction, I think Scott Walker is the next President.)  But it is a distinct possibility.  The only way I can see Hillary being elected in a relatively clean election is if Republicans are so foolish as to nominate Jeb Bush, driving much of the GOP base to stay home or vote 3rd Party.  Otherwise, I think Hillary will have to get a massive turnout of the non-citizen vote, the felon vote, and the deceased vote to win.

And she is power hungry enough and her supporters morally bankrupt enough to attempt just that.

God help us all if they manage to succeed.


Knee Update: My x-rays were clear to my surprise.  But the doctor said I likely have slightly torn ligaments.  I am wearing a brace, but the knee is taking a long time to heal.  Prayers for my knee and my patience would be appreciated.

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BillB said...


You are making the same prediction I did a few weeks ago over at The MCJ. Doing that put the prediction under the Episcopal Church Laws of Thermodynamics. That is a very scary thing.

I fully believe that Hilary knows she has the nomination no matter what vile, evil and even law-breaking things that she has done or will do. And I fully believe that the Democrats have already got the election rigged so that the swing states will go Democrat giving them the election. But it wouldn't surprise me if they so rigged the elections that Texas went Blue!