Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Likelihood of the UK Leaving the EU Just Jumped

I will refrain from commenting on the pig-headed, arrogant, disrespectful, imperialistic pact between the Hun and their Surrender Monkeys to stonewall the UK and their request for EU treaty changes.  I will leave commentary on their backstabbing, conniving, petty conspiracy to others.  Instead I will briefly comment on the effect the cowardly secret/leaked agreement will likely have on the coming In-Out UK EU Referendum.

And the chances just greatly increased the UK will vote to leave.  Yes, there is still a lot of time.  Yes, one should not underestimate the UK-EU establishments’ effort to manipulate the referendum.  But Germany and France teaming up to give few to no concessions (And I expect the EU will still give a few token concessions.  They want to UK to stay in, don’t they?) to the UK will have to motivate British voters to turn out and tell them what they can do with the EU.  And it would surely dampen the enthusiasm of those inclined to stay in the EU. 

I had expected the UK to vote to stay in.  Now, I am not confident in that at all.

The aforementioned manipulations to keep the UK in the EU without giving UK much real reason so to do will become interesting.

Knee Update: The knee is better, but still bad enough to trash my previous plans.  I am trying to get a timely appointment with a doctor.  People go through a lot worse things than this, but prayers would nonetheless by appreciated.

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