Wednesday, May 06, 2015

IRS Political Targeting: A Case Study

Wayne Allyn Root is telling of his experience of being politically targeted by the IRS.  Not only is his an interesting case study, it is pretty much a smoking gun.

The whole thing must be read, and I cannot just copy it all here.  But here are brief excerpts from Root that stand out (Emphasis is mine.):

But we’re only getting started with the criminal implications of this case. My IRS auditor wrote into the margin of my file that he spent hours researching my political views. How chilling is that revelation? It sounds like the KGB, Stasi or even the Gestapo….

The reason it may have taken the IRS fourteen months [a delay that itself violates the law – Ed.] to turn my IRS files over to Judicial Watch is that they state a United States senator from Oregon was involved. At the time both senators from Oregon were Democrats…

But wait, we’re not done. On May 23, 2013, my case was officially closed. Recognize that date? It's the exact day that IRS official Lois Lerner was suspended and the day after she testified in front of Congress (and refused to answer questions on the grounds it might incriminate her). Coincidence?

Answer: No.  Obama’s thugs and the IRS (But I repeat myself.) knew what they were doing.  And when it was clear their cover was being blown to bits, they did their best to clam up and cover up.

The only question is how much did Obama know.

I heartily agree with Ace’s conclusion: “People need to go to jail.”

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