Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Rod Thomas Appointed Bishop of Maidstone

I can be a bit hard on the Church of England.  So I am glad to see they are doing something right.

Reform Chairman Rod Thomas has been appointed Bishop of Maidstone.  If I am interpreting his responsibilities correctly, he will be something of a flying bishop for evangelicals with a conservative view on headship.  From Lambeth’s press release:

Rod Thomas’s specific duties as Bishop of Maidstone will include: fostering vocations from those taking a conservative evangelical position on headship; undertaking episcopal ministry (with the agreement of the relevant diocesan bishop) in dioceses in both Provinces where PCCs have passed the requisite resolution under the House of Bishops' declaration; and being available to act (again by invitation) as an assistant bishop in a number of dioceses.

It would have been tempting to appoint an “evangelical” who was a company man.  Instead, a man who is almost a firebreather (And I say that with approval.) has been appointed.  One can hardly think of someone more trusted by conservative evangelicals in the Church of England.  Reform is certainly pleased.

This is a praiseworthy appointment indeed.

Here is announcement from Lambeth.

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