Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An Encouraging Poll on Same-Sex Marriage

I was tempted to add “for a change” in the headline.  Polls in recent years have not been encouraging to those of us who support traditional marriage.

But YouGov has a poll out that indicates that Americans do not favor making gay marriage a Constitutional right.  Yes, almost 50% think same-sex marriage should be legal.  But the numbers shrink markedly when people are asked whether the Supreme Court should make it a Constitutional right.  A plurality of 43% say SCOTUS “should not rule same sex marriage is a constitutional right.”

I am heartened that there are thinking people out there who see there is a difference between legalizing gay marriage by democratic means and a Supreme Court ruling overturning democratic processes and legalizing gay marriage in all fifty states by judicial fiat, and that claiming the Constitution requires such a judicial coup. 

The likely SCOTUS ruling doing just that may not be as well received as anticipated. 

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