Monday, December 29, 2014

Why the Heck Was Heather Cook Made a Bishop?

No, I am not going to condemn Heather Cook for her alleged hit-and-run, at least not the run part.  When one is involved in a very bad accident, it can be very traumatic and disorienting and lead to immediate unwise decisions.  And she reportedly did return to the scene of the accident within 20 minutes.  So I will withhold judgment, at least for now.

But I do denounce The Episcopal “Church” and its Diocese of Maryland for making her a “bishop” in the first place.  Why?

In September 2010, nearly four years to the day before she'd become Maryland's first female Episcopal bishop, Cook was pulled over in Caroline County.

Police at the time said she blew a BAC of .27, or over three times the legal limit, when given a breathalyzer.

In her car, police said they found a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of wine, and a marijuana pipe reported

And four years after that, she is made a bishop?  Really?

The Episcopal “Church,” with its enabling, shares blame for the tragic death of Tom Palermo.

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underground pewster said...

To be a fully inclusive church, TEc must accept and promote not just the LGBTs but the drunk and the stoned as well.