Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas is less than a week away. DON’T PANIC!

Yes, some may be so behind on preparing for Christmas that they may find my admonition not to panic not helpful.  But I do indeed want to be helpful and will do so with two suggestions concerning a task that should be a joy but often becomes a burden - gift giving:

1. Remember that Christmas Day, glorious as it is, is the first day of Christmas.  Christmas is not only a day; it is a season of twelve days.  And, as in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, it is perfectly fine to give Christmas gifts that arrive after Christmas Day (although trying to give the particular gifts mentioned in said song will not make anyone’s Christmas easier).  So do not be in a mad rush.  Gifts that come in the midst of the Christmas season are often a greater surprise and even more (and certainly more leisurely) appreciated than gifts opened on the 25th.

Yes, there are a few who hold up their nose at gifts that arrive after Christmas Day.  They consider them “late”.  As one who used to have that attitude, such are in need of prayer for repentance.

2. There are numerous ways to make gift giving quicker and simpler.  I will suggest one here.

If you have friends or family who like e-books, it is very easy to give the gift of a Kindle book.  I’ve done it myself.  At the Amazon Kindle page for a book, click “Give as a Gift” on the right.  Then once you’ve signed in, you can select “E-mail the gift directly to my recipient” and fill in their e-mail address (the method I’ve used) or you can have the Kindle book e-mailed to yourself, and you can pass it on yourself.  (Note that you can write a personal message when having Amazon e-mail the gift to someone.)

Finish the order, take care of the payment, and it’s done! No messing with gift wrap.  No worries about snail mail delivery.  And Kindle books usually cost less than print books, sometimes a lot less as is the case with my novel.

Speaking of which, I of course do hope you use this tip to give my novel Pilot Point, which is only $2.99 in Kindle form.  But if you have other books in mind to give, as the owner of too many books, I understand and am glad to help.

May you have a blessed last week of Advent and a happy Christmas free from unnecessary stress and fretting.

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