Friday, December 12, 2014

Pilot Point Gun Show Tour Resumes!

First, apologies for not writing a more normal post this morning.  Trust me that I had a post or two in mind with all the craziness going on in the world.  But today I am a bit swamped.  I am happy to report that, unlike the world, my craziness is a good craziness.  Nonetheless, busy is busy (as work is constantly interrupting me as I try to type this!).

One reason I am busy is later today I go set up my table for the Aransas Pass Gun Show tomorrow.  Yep, the Pilot Point Gun Show Tour resumes tomorrow Saturday at the Aransas Pass (Texas) Civic Center from 9 to 5.

But I know most of you are not within driving distance to meet me and buy my novel tomorrow.  And, with less than two weeks until Christmas, some may be a bit busy taking care of their naughty and nice lists.  If so, may I make a suggestion? ;)

Yes, my novel Pilot Point is an appropriate gift for both the naughty and nice.  Or at least I think so.  Click the "Pilot Point" link below to find out more.  Better yet, go to and "like" my Pilot Point Facebook page.

May God bless the remainder of your Advent season and preparation for Christmas.

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