Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Obama Endorses Blocking Traffic?

It is bad enough that several police forces are not doing their duty to clear major roads and even interstates of protesters intentionally blocking traffic.  But now it seems the current President of the United States is encouraging protesters to block traffic:

During an exclusive interview with BET aired Monday, President Obama commented on unrest over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, saying the protests were “necessary” and noting that “a country’s conscience sometimes has to be triggered by some inconvenience.”

Now perhaps Obama was not referring to blocking traffic.  But what else could he have been referring to?  The only significant “inconvenience” caused by the Ferguson, I Can’t Breathe, Black Lives Matters etc. protesters (other than looting, burning, and assaulting, of course) is blocking traffic on major roads.   And a President is saying unlawfully inflicting such “inconvenience” is justified?

But I’ll tell you what.  Obama has the opportunity to clarify himself.  He can come out and say something like this: “Although the concerns and grievances of the protesters should be expressed and heard, blocking traffic and making it difficult for people to go to work to earn a living and to go home to their families, and endangering the lives of those in emergency medical situations, is not an acceptable way to protest.”

If Obama says something like that, I will post it here.  I’m waiting . . . . . .

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