Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Houston: Pink Shirts in Power

I am among those who have warned of the totalitarian aims of the gay activist crowd (not to be confused with gays who just want to live peaceably and mind their own business) and their allies.  Now Houston is providing a big “I told you so” moment.

Under lesbian Mayor Annise Parker, the City of Houston passed a so-called equal rights non-discrimination ordinance which quickly became infamous as the “bathroom bill” allowing the mentally ill and perverts to use bathrooms assigned to the opposite gender.  But the bill contained other, less publicized, problematic provisions, including some seen as endangering freedom of speech and religion.

Citizens petitioned to get the ordinance overturned or at least put up to a referendum, and their petitions got over 50,000 signatures when only 17,269 valid signatures were needed.  But the lesbian mayor and her city attorney threw out the petition anyway.

Once again, pink shirts and Leftists only like democracy when they get their way.

Opponents of the ordinance rightly sued the city to overturn their anti-democratic coup.  And now the city has doubled down – and justified fears about freedom of religion and speech – by demanding to see the contents of sermons from numerous pastors.

I have to admit when I first saw the story about sermons being subpoenaed, it was from a sensationalistic source, and it sounded over the top - which it is in its own Constitution-trashing way. I did not give it much credence and moved on.  But this is coming from a number of responsible sources now.

So although the pace of pink shirt attacks on freedom is surprising even me, I can still say, “I told you so.” Pink shirts and their lib/left allies have a totalitarian streak a mile wide, and the more they get power, as in Houston, the more their streak will show.  

For then they will slide off the mask of "tolerance" and inform you that getting their way and putting you under their thumb is so much more important than your trivial Constitutional rights.

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