Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I am a Moron and Proud of it!

Over the weekend, my novel Pilot Point got a very nice mention at my favorite blog, Ace of Spades, in their weekly book thread.  You’ll find it at the link under "Books by Morons".

Before I proceed further, I should mention that “morons” are those who frequent and comment at that blog.  It is a good epithet in this context.  Just trust me on that.

With that disclaimer, Oregon Muse posted the following on his aforesaid book thread.


Moron commenter WannabeAnglican has self-published his first novel, Pilot Point. I'll let him tell you about it:

Pilot Point is a very Texan novel set along I-20 in West Texas and around the town of Pilot Point in North Texas. With drought, dust, cowboys, and cattle, it could be called a Western except it is set in the late 20th Century and not many get shot up.

At the same time, Pilot Point has a strong Anglican flavor, weaving The Book of Common Prayer and traditional Christian themes through the story. (And that without being heavy-handed about it. I sought to write a weighty work of literature, not a Christian tract.) Not many novels have both cowboys and Anglicanism.

So this is probably going to be the best d**n Anglican cowboy novel you'll read all year.

But wait, there's more:

I will hold the release event for Pilot Point at a GUN SHOW – at the Shiners Gun Show in Corpus Christi on November 8th. I thought that more interesting than having it at a local bookstore and a way to get the novel more directly to fellow Texans who would appreciate it. Besides, it’s a GUN SHOW!

So it looks like at least some of you Texas morons down near Corpus Christi might be able to take in a gun show and meet the author, too. That's almost a perfect day.


Got that right!

Thanks again to Oregon Muse for the mention.

And your support is appreciated at well.  Don’t forget to “like” Pilot Point on Facebook.

And don’t forget you can get Pilot Point for as little as $2.99, or even free if you are enrolled in certain Amazon programs. 

You know what to do.

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