Friday, October 17, 2014

You might be a Texan author if… you release your novel at a GUN SHOW!

You might be browsing to this post wondering who would be so Texan – or so crazy – as to release their novel at a gun show.  And the answer is . . . yours truly.

I will hold the release event for my novel Pilot Point at a table at the Corpus Christi Al Amin Shiners Gun Show on Saturday, November 8th.  It is located at 2001 Suntide Road, just off I-37 in Corpus.  Look for the building in the back.  Doors open at 9am, and I will try to be there all day.

It is a fun gun show, by the way, with a lot more than guns for sale.  I’ve visited it and lightened my wallet there several times.

Why am I releasing Pilot Point at a gun show?  One reason is I want to take my novel to people who I think would like it.  With Pilot Point being a very Texan novel and gun show attendees (like me) being very Texan, I think it a good match.  And I think this a better and more interesting release than a traditional book signing at a bookstore.  I intend to do those, too, but I thought a gun show would be much better place to release Pilot Point with a bang. (Sorry.  I couldn’t resist.)

Besides, it’s a GUN SHOW!

Now if only there was a gun show held at an Anglican church.  Remember that Pilot Point has a strong Anglican flavor, too.  Oh, well.

By the way, a reminder that Pilot Point is already available in print and Kindle form.  (Yes, book releases, like store “Grand Openings”, sometimes occur after a book is available.) I know not everyone can make it to South Texas for this event. ;)

I will say more between now and November 8th, so stay tuned!  And don’t forget to “like” Pilot Point on Facebook.

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