Monday, October 13, 2014


The Massacre of Kobane by ISIS is well underway (And I must warn that the article at the link is difficult reading.), and the Massacre of Baghdad may be coming.

And Obama’s negligence in preventing the ISIS slaughter is close to unforgivable.  First, against sage advice and requests from Iraq, he refused to leave a remnant U. S. force in Iraq.  Then he was slow to respond to ISIS, calling it “Jayvee” even after warnings it was far more dangerous than that.  Then he was very slow, at best, in arming our best allies in the region, the Kurds.

Under Obama, it is far better to be an enemy of the United States than a friend.

Then, when Obama finally, for political reasons, decided to approve air strikes against ISIS, they were underwhelming and ineffective, doing virtually nothing to stop the advance of those butchers.

And now what does Obama do while the Kurdish city of Kobane is paying the price in blood for his negligence?  While the Massacre of Kobane is in progress?

It’s not funny anymore.

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