Thursday, October 02, 2014

5000 Years off Purgatory!! (or not)

In the Middle Ages, the church often encouraged people to do acts of piety and charity by attaching indulgences to them, e. g. “Do this and you will get 1000 years off of Purgatory.”  The indulgence issued by Pope Boniface VIII for the Jubilee year of 1300 is one of the more famous examples.

As I reflected on this medieval practice (Yes, I think about such things.),  which has continued quietly and with more restraint into modern times, I wondered if I should use this tactic to encourage people to “like” and share the Facebook page for my novel Pilot Point.  Hmmm.

Or (Seeing I lack authority to issue indulgences anyway.) perhaps I should just use the modern equivalent: “Like this and share if you love your mom and Jesus.  Ignore if you love Satan.”

Nah, I’ll just rely on people’s appreciation of good literature . . . for now.

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