Monday, July 09, 2012

Synod Rewards the Vindictiveness of Church of England Feminists

Last month I noted the vindictiveness of Church of England feminists who so opposed giving traditionalists any reasonable space that they were prepared to kill women bishops legislation altogether.

Sadly, Synod has now rewarded that vindictiveness by postponing a vote on the legislation, which indeed did appear to be going down to defeat.

The rationale is that the postponement to November will give time to allow some acceptable compromise to come about.  But it is very hard to see that happening since the feminazis so clearly want to crush those traditionalists who cannot conscientiously recognize the ministry of women bishops.  Kiss my ring, or else!

Such power hunger and, yes, hate does not allow compromise, but only appeasement, if that.

Forward in Faith is right to be “disappointed.”

I would have much rather Rowan Williams actually showed some courage and told the feminists that if they are so uncharitable as to refuse to give modest and reasonable space to traditionalists, then they not only need to rethink their stand on women bishops but their faith as well.  And I would have wished he then refused to give ground and in effect dared them to kill the legislation. 

But we are talking Rowan Williams and other Church of England bishops here, aren’t we.

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