Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seminary Gives --Schori’s Church-suing Lawyer an Honorary Doctorate

Does the brazenness of The Episcopal Church know any bounds? Its General Theological Seminary has awarded David Booth Beers an honorary doctorate.  That’s right.  He is --Schori’s lawyer in suing the faithful and kicking them out of their properties.

And that’s the very reason he was awarded the degree:
David Booth Beers, Esq. is a noted attorney and Chancellor to the Presiding Bishop. He is of counsel to the law firm Goodwin Proctor where he has an extensive national and international practice in the non-profit sector. He has led the legal effort of the Episcopal Church to safe guard the rights and property of the church, dioceses and parishes from the plans of those who have broken away from the church and yet attempted to take church property with them. He has worked closely for many years with the Church History faculty of the Seminary in his support of the church and enjoys wide and deep respect. He is an active layman in St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Washington.

I could rant and carry on about what an outrage it is so to award suing the faithful.  But perhaps I should instead remind myself that it could be worse.  I mean at least an Episcopalian seminary is not yet led by, say, a worshipper of Moloch, right?

Oh.  Never mind.

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