Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Sandra Fluke of Voter ID

Really this is so rich, you can’t make this up.  One Victoria Rose Rodriguez, 18, testified in a Washington, D. C. federal court about how haaard is it for her to get a ride to get an ID to vote in Texas.

Yet she somehow managed to make it all the way to Washington to whine about it.  Hmmm.

You know I bet if this lazy (or is it dissembling?*) girl wants to go to a show or the mall, she probably can manage to get a ride from friends.  And then there is public transportation.  But even putting those options aside, there are any number of groups who would be glad to help her get an ID for voting.  One commenter did a little homework on that:

I called 6 different "organizations" including a LULAC office, an NAACP office, the local National Council of La Raza office, local Democratic Party headquarters, local Republican Party headquarters and my Congressional Representative's office and they all told me that they could and would arrange for a ride.

But, but calling and getting a ride is so haaaard.  No, it isn’t, you lazy princess.

Ms. Rodriguez deserves to become the Sandra Fluke of Voter ID, i. e. a woman with such an overweening sense of entitlement and giving such absurd testimony that she famously helps make the case against the position she espouses.

And this is the best Eric Holder’s vote fraud enablers can come up with to make their case against Texas’ Voter ID law?  You think just maybe they do not have much of a case at all?

(*If the suggestion of the possibility of less than truthful testimony offends, remember that the Roe of Roe v Wade lied about being raped by her own later admission.  Liberal causes are so much more important than truthful testimony, don’tcha know.  And this young woman’s testimony strains credulity at best.)

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Tregonsee said...

I wonder what ID she used to get past the TSA goons?