Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eric Holder plays the race card to enable vote fraud.

This is so ridiculous, it is hardly worthy of comment.  But I want my readers to know to what absurd lengths Obama’s Attorney General is going to enable election fraud (and hence the re-election of The One).

In Eric Holder’s world, verifying the I.D. of voters is RAAAAACIST vote suppression, "poll taxes" even!

Just letting you know.

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BillB said...

Don't worry Wannabe, if Romney wins the election Eric Holder will declare all votes for Romney to be racist and therefore ineligible to be counted. Captain Awesome will then get about 80% of the vote which they will declare as an overwhelming mandate for the Big 0 to declare himself Emperor Barrack Husein Obama the First of the Empire of North America. At least that is a close fit to the way Eric Holder probably thinks.