Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poll: Pravda says Communist Party in Trouble

Well, not quite.  But the latest CBS-New York Times poll looks really ugly for Obama.  And that’s almost the same thing.  Romney being up 1 is just the beginning.

I defer to Gabriel Malor’s excellent breakdown.  But I think two aspects of the poll are particularly important.  First, Mr. Wonderful ain’t so wonderful anymore with bad favorability numbers.

I’ve never fully bought the view that people like Obama all that much, not since 2009 at least.  But they certainly are liking him less now.  Which leads to my second point . . .

“Nobody cares about Bain.” That might be overstating the situation. Surely someone out there cares about Bain.  But after millions of Obama money bashing Romney with lies and half-truths about Bain, with words like “felon” being tossed out there to boot, it appears not to be working much.  It does appear to have made Obama look like the thug he is, which is likely a factor in his lower favorable numbers.

*Anglican understatement alert*

This is no longer a popular President.

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