Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama, Democrat Party Should Denounce Boston-Chicago Attacks on Chick-fil-a

Last night, I was thinking that the fascist attacks on Chick-fil-a by the mayors of Boston and Chicago are providing the Democrat Party and Obama with a golden opportunity to do the right – and politically smart – thing. 

Obama and allies should follow the good example of Bill Clinton (I never thought I’d write that phrase.) and have a Sister Souljah moment.  They should denounce government attempts to ban Chick-fil-a.  I think they would gain a great deal of political good will if they did so, just as Bill Clinton did.

And I was going to write as much this morning.  I thought I would be breaking new ground.  But Mark Hemmingway beat me to it.  Oh well.  Brilliant minds and all that.

My post yesterday should suffice in spelling out why I think it would be the right thing to do.  Why it would be politically smart as well?  Obama and the Democrat Party have fueled, especially of late, the largely correct perception that they owned by the political Left.  The actions of the fascist Democrat mayors only make that situation worse.  And even many who support gay marriage oppose their attacks on Chick-fil-a.

Obama and allies have a golden opportunity to appear reasonable and not part of the extreme Left Chick-fil-a banning crowd.  And what an opportunity for his teleprompter!:  “Here in America we cherish freedom of speech, even the freedom of speech of those with whom we deeply disagree.  We don’t try to use the power of the government to silence people.  That’s not America, and that’s not American.  Real tolerance is a two way street in America.  I disagree with the CEO of Chick-fil-a on the issue of gay marriage.  But it is my pleasure and duty as President to defend his right, and the rights of all Americans, to disagree with me.  Now some may disagree with me for saying that.  So be it.  We are America where freedom of speech is sacred and always will be – always must be.”

See how easy that is? I did that off the top of my head.  It practically writes itself.  And people would love it.  Even an Obama-hater like me would give him points for doing the right thing.  It could be the Sister Souljah moment he needs.

Now why the heck am I, of all people, giving Obama and the Democrats free advice?

Because I think they are indeed too wedded to the Left to have the vision and the guts to do it.  We shall see.

Update: In the headline, I thought "denounce" and wrote "renounce". Wake up, Mark! Corrected now.

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Tregonsee said...

The Huxter has declared August 1st as Chick-fil-a Day. Always jumping the gun, I swung by the local store, only to find a huge line. The line was equally long today. On the 1st I will wait as long as it takes.