Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BREAKING: McCain insults Supreme Court on Citizens United UPDATED

I’m sure glad I had CNBC on just now. Without being asked about the Citizens United ruling, Sen. John McCain volunteered that the said ruling is “the most disgraceful decision of the United States Supreme Court in my memory out of naiveté and ignorance and stupidity.”

So Roe v. Wade is not a worse ruling? So he insults the Supreme Court because it cares more about defending free speech than he?

I am floored by this statement. It will be interesting to see if there is any fall out from this.


MORE: I’ve sniffed around and found this is not the first time McCain has called the Supreme Court ignorant and naïve in its Citizens United ruling.

Further he has said, "I predict to you there will be a major scandal associated with the Supreme Court decision on Citizens versus (sic) United. There is too much money washing around."


I’ve yet to hear of a public figure calling him out on these statements.


James Gibson said...

Maybe Obama was the lesser of two evils, after all

Mark said...

Thanks for the link, James. And I love your pic of McCain. :)


Anonymous said...

What part of "Congress shall make no law..." does McCain not understand? That he thinks he and his pals ought to be determining who can say what is far more disturbing than a few independent political ads.