Thursday, March 01, 2012

Andrew Breitbart, RIP

I join those who mourn the sudden passing of Andrew Breitbart. The man was a fearless warrior for freedom and against tyranny.

By the way, response to the news on twitter, where “Andrew Breitbart” is trending, is interesting and eye opening. There are appropriate salutes to the man . . . and then there are numerous reactions from Lefties. If you think I am too hard on the Left, read a few of those.

A man is known by his enemies.


Warren said...

Do you mean interesting and eye opening like from this leftie?

I submit that bias is not the special privilege of any point on the political spectrum.

Warren said...

If you want to be convincing in your suggestion that you're not too hard on liberals, are you going to give your perspective on Rush Limbaugh's recent comments?