Friday, March 30, 2012

Who leaked Israel-Azerbaijan Agreement?

There is strong speculation overnight that the Obama regime just stabbed Israel in the back. How? By leaking a secret agreement that Azerbaijan would give Israel permission to land jets on Azeri airfields after a bombing raid on Iran. Apparently someone considers Israel bombing Iran to be more dangerous than Iran getting a nuclear bomb.

Now I am not going to jump the gun and say the Obama regime was definitely behind this despicable leak. But John Bolton and the Jerusalem Post sure are convinced the leak came from Obama’s men. And the report in Foreign Policy magazine claims to be based on “four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers.” Or put another way, “several high level sources . . . inside the U. S. government.” So it sure does smell like the Obama regime.

This might be something to watch. If this leak does get pinned to Obama, that his regime is undermining Israel and aiding Iran in this way, it could be explosive politically.

And it should be if so.


Anonymous said...

Is there any question as to why Israel does not want to give the Oblunderer administration a "heads-up" before it attacks Iran?

When the White House leaks like a sieve and the pResident tries to do all that he can to prevent Israel from defending itself, it makes sense for Israel to play its cards close to the vest!

Fradgan said...

None of these revelations will amount to anything in the November election. As long a the Obama machine-controlled media refuse to cover the story, it does not exist. Chicago Politics 101.