Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My church got robbed. (Or how stupid can someone be?)

What crime is more stupid? Armed robbery of a gun show or burglarizing a small low church Anglican parish?

What prompts my question is, this past weekend, yet another gun show came to town, and my small Reformed Episcopal Church parish was broken into. And if the criminal tried to rob the gun show, he would be almost as stupid.

We did not lose much . . . because there wasn’t much to lose. We're traditional low church. We’re not a high church tat box (as much as I like those). We don’t have golden crosses and jewel-encrusted gospel books. And we’re not happy-clappy either. So not much of a sound system and not a single electric guitar. (Thanks be to God.) And we have enough sense not to leave money in the church.

Just what exactly did the perpetrator hope to find?

Heck, we gained more in good publicity than we lost in goods.

One area in which we are the not-so-smart ones – we don’t have a burglar alarm. The irony is that our bishop just advised us to get one, and our vestry was about to discuss that on the very day we were broken into.

But someone who would rob a small low church Anglican parish needs prayer . . . for both his soul and his brain.


Beneath the Firmament said...

I love this post!

Free Range Anglican said...

Oh, that's such a shame that someone would break in. Glad there wasn't much loss and it sounds like the congregation is praying for the unexpected visitor. cool.

RECCHIP said...

Maybe they were looking to steal 1928 Prayer Books, which are almost impossible to find. (Maybe you guys use the REC-BCP of 2003, so they got a surprise!!). Seriously, many churches do keep money in the church building and this just goes to show how dangerous that is.

Glad you guys did not lose anything too valuable. (Maybe vestments??)