Monday, January 30, 2012

Obama’s “Freedom of Worship” in Action

Back in July 2010, I warned that the Obama regime’s use of “freedom of worship” rather than freedom of religion in its rhetoric was reason for concern.

Why was I so alarmed?

…genuine freedom of religion includes much more than the freedom to worship in one’s church, synagogue or home. It includes the freedom to live according to one’s religion (without unduly impinging on someone else’s freedom). For real freedom of religion, mere “freedom of worship” will not do.

And I feared that “freedom of worship” signaled that genuine freedom of religion would come under attack.

No, I am not a prophet.

The regime’s proposed Obamacare rules on birth control prove that Obama’s “freedom of worship” indeed does attack and violate freedom of religion. Church health insurance plans will have to provide birth control even if in direct contradiction of said church’s teaching. As my readers know, this is a particularly serious issue for the Roman Catholic Church. But all churches should be alarmed. The secularist attack on freedom of religion will not stop here as European Christians can tell you.

Wesley Smith also gets that we are now seeing Obama’s freedom of worship in action.

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