Thursday, January 12, 2012


Some things just make you say, “What the heck?!” This news story is one of them:

The Anglican Church of Mexico stands with the country’s political left in opposing amendment of Article 24 of the country’s constitution, Archbishop Carlos Touche-Porter tells The Church of England Newspaper.
Reforming the constitution to lift restrictions on religious groups holding services in public without first receiving government permission is a “very dangerous move that would only benefit the majority [Catholic] church and the growing ultraconservative Neo-Evangelicals and Neo-Pentecostals. Both groups are equally right wing and eager to impose their “values” on the entire population,” Archbishop Touche-Porter said.

“Most Mexicans support a total separation of Church and State,” the Anglican archbishop said, adding that “we are not used and do not wish to have uncontrolled open air religious services or to see the President of Mexico and other politicians making a public display of their religious beliefs.”

Yes, we must have total separation of Church and State. We want the State to restrict the religious speech of those predatory extremist right-wing ultraconservative rival churches who somehow are much more popular than we are.


How can someone with half a brain advocate “total separation of Church and State” and the State restricting the freedom of speech of churches?

For that matter, how can one be a Christian and wish the State to muzzle the Gospel?

I guess one has to be a Leftist or an Episcopalian to get that kind of logic.


A big hat tip to Christopher Johnson.

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