Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My first reaction when I read the news that Jeffrey John is considering suing over not being appointed bishop, I doubted the story. Like Peter Ould , I thought The Very Rev. John had more class than this.

But apparently not. The story is now very much confirmed.

For the record, before this story came out, my main issue with Jeffrey John being made bishop was his teaching. Someone could have an impeccable moral life, but if he taught what John teaches, I would oppose him as bishop.

But now, with this display of hubris, I think he has all the more disqualified himself. In my Reformed Episcopal Church, it is well known that if a man lets it be known that he thinks he should be a bishop, that makes it unlikely he will ever be one. Such a lack of humility and sense of entitlement virtually disqualifies a man.

And to have such a sense of entitlement as to sue the church over not being enthroned . . . . May Jeffrey John never be made bishop.

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