Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pew Poll Shows Paul 3rd Party Run Means Doom

I wish the title to this post were a joke. It is not. A Pew poll shows that whereas a Obama-Romney match up polls Obama 50 – Romney 45, if Ron Paul is thrown in, it’s Obama 47 – Romney 32 – Paul 18.

There are vital lessons in this poll for both Ron Paul and his detractors in the Republican Party. And for this country’s sake, both sides had better get it.

For Ron Paul, he must face up to the fact that about all a 3rd party run can accomplish is re-elect Obama. He needs to ask himself if that is what he really wants for this country. I hope he already gets it and will not run 3rd party.

For his detractors in the Republican Party (of which I am one), forget the downright stupid advice of Bill Kristol. Driving Paul and his supporters out of the Republican Party is a death wish.

My advice to Republican leaders is to tell Paul that we have to agree to disagree on foreign policy. But that on shrinking the size and reach of the federal government, Paul is right and we very much want to work with him on that.

Many Paulistas will be impossible to please, yes. But better have most of them on our side, if reluctantly, than voting third party for Paul and helping re-elect Obama.

There is an additional lesson. Romney’s electability is overrated. A strong Republican candidate should be thrashing Obama at this point.


BillB said...

Ron Paul is at the least irrespnsible in some of his policy views and at times, contrary to his claims, he promotes unconstitutional solutions to problems. I though wonder if he wouldn't want Obama re-elected so that more drastic solutions would have to be proposed by the opposition to the Democrats in 2016 and Ron Paul could then get elected as a Libertarian which he really is (to include ALL of their nutcase views).

Beneath the Firmament said...

I'm not sure what you mean BillB, Ron is probably the most constitutional candidate on the chess board as it were.

The solution is simple, dump the bought-and-paid-for candidate "Mitt Romney" and vote for our constitution.

Forget what all those biased talking-heads say on broadcast news. Everything they say is dripping with propaganda to elect the most mundane and mediocre candidate. You know, so they can be easily controlled, bought, and corrupted. Its so simple, but the common folks are so blind that it makes me want to scream.

Because in truth the "safe"(by the general opinion of the populous) candidate is always the mediocre . And Mediocre candidates will always kick the can down the road. Nope. We need a strong person who stands by their convictions even when the blind populous can't see the truth before their eyes. Obviously the populous can't see when they elected a communist into office like Obama, even when his past history and associated acquaintances were plain as day!!. Those who have eyes to see, will see.

At least Ron has maintained consistency in his political views 100% for the last 30 years. And he is correct about foreign policy. The United States is in every nation's business when most of the time it doesn't particularly affects us directly. We can not continue to police the world. It is costing us billions of dollars, and thousands of lives every year. Its a waste of time which we can thank the NeoConmen for. Instead we should focus on defense and leave the rest of the world to govern themselves. Every Nation should have a right to their own sovereignty. So I say we need a paleoconservative-libertarian in my opinion. Thats who we need.

Anonymous said...

If Obama wins, then the door is open for Rand Paul in 2016.

If Romney wins, then Rand has to run against an incumbent Republican.

Romney's policies aren't much different than Obama's, and a Romney win would make it tough for Rand, so why would Ron Paul or his supporters want Romney to win?

Mark said...

Do I really have to write a post on how disastrous a 2nd Obama term would be?

Apparently so.


Mari said...

Let's not assume that Ron Paul cares about promoting the party or defeating Obama. His goals are not your goals.
For the Presidental election I'll vote for whatever stiff the party props up (Mormon, bad Catholic, whatever). For the primary, I'm voting who I want, Paul.