Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BREAKING: Obama to kill Keystone Pipeline

If any of you ever doubted that we have a job-killing, anti-energy-independence President in the White House, doubt no more.

And don’t take the invitation to submit a new pipeline route at face value. To find a new route and get it through all the regulatory hoops will take years.

Our economy and hopes for energy independence have taken yet another big hit from Obama.


Warren said...

Anti-energy-independence president, eh? And I suppose you're all behind the vigorous development of renewable energy sources - even if it means paying more for that energy? As a Canadian, I welcome Obama's decision. I don't mind paying $7.00 per gallon to fill my gas tank to see the tar sands stay in the ground. US interest aren't worth the raping of enormous tracts of northern land that won't naturally recover for decades or even centuries.

Mark said...

Those Canadian lands will be developed regardless. But if the oil is piped west and shipped to the Chinese, who have a terrible pollution record, the environmental damage will be much worse.

Yes, ironic.


Warren said...

I'm even less supportive of the Enbridge proposal to build a pipeline west across my home province. And I suspect the resistance will be even greater. If, as you say, the oil will come out of the ground regardless, I would vigorously support a new Canadian refinery to keep jobs and profits in Canada. Although the move to nationalize energy resources in Canada in the 1970s wasn't all that successful, I think I might stand behind such a proposal today related to the tar sands.