Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Until now, I have never put restrictions on anonymous comments.

But last night, I received a completely anonymous comment, and I could not tell if it came from a genuinely interested reader or from a political operative playing the internet. And I did not find it edifying, so I deleted it.

With various political campaigns frolicking around and spinning blogs, I think I will now be more selective with anonymous comments. If an anonymous comment is edifying and passes the smell test, I will gladly post it as in the past. But if not . . . .

Perhaps this seems somewhat arbitrary. But either posting all anonymous comments or deleting all anonymous comments is a choice I find unpalatable. So I choose to pick and choose.

As in the past, I will post almost all named comments. Those really have to cross a line or two for me to delete. (But I would not advise testing me.)

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