Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chavez and Congressional Democrats Hate Democracy UPDATED

I have said before that Leftists only like democracy when it serves their agenda. When it does not serve their designs, Leftists undermine constitutional democracy with all the power they can muster.

Hugo Chavez and Harry Reid and friends are giving us yet more demonstrations of that. In the last elections, both lost some power. So both are seeking to undermine said elections.

Hugo Chavez has already rigged Venezuelan democracy. But not enough for his taste. Before more opposition lawmakers take their seats, Chavez is asking for power to rule by decree for one year.

What could possibly go wrong with such a “temporary” enabling act? Power to the People! . . . unless they vote wrong, of course. Then power to me!

As for Harry Reid, November’s elections were, if anything, a repudiation of profligate spending and of Obamacare. So what are Democrats trying to pass before many of them leave office? An omnibus spending bill that increases already bloated spending and funds Obamacare. Not to mention lots of lovely earmarks.

Election? What election? If the Democrats really were democrats they would pass a simple continuing resolution to fund the government past Saturday’s deadline (when current funding authority expires) and let the next just elected Congress deal with spending in more detail. But no. The Democrats are trying to use that deadline to subvert the will of the people and of their just elected representatives.

I’d rather shut the feds down myself.

A few RINOs share the blame for this monster as well. Defeated Senator Bob Bennett is among these.

By the way, I do not like UK parliamentary government as it concentrates power too much. But I do like that, as soon as the election is over and you form a government, you go have tea with The Queen and, presto, you are in power, not those who lost the election. Giving power for a time to those who are defeated or retiring, as in the U. S. and in Venezuela, and are therefore past being held accountable is a recipe for subversion of democracy. And we are most certainly seeing that now in this lamest of lame duck congresses.

UPDATE: Facing a firestorm of opposition from even John McCain, Reid has backed down and pulled the Omnibus spending bill. Thanks be to God.

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