Friday, December 03, 2010

Abomination of the Week

Observant readers may surmise that I consider the premature celebration of Christmas to be an abomination. You observe Advent, then celebrate Christmas . . . or else.

But now, this morning, I’ve discovered Christmas itself is an abomination to the Lord.

Just letting you know.


deck said...

Pray for them as they suffer from Extreme Reform Psychosis in which anything associated with Tradition has to be cast out as a work of the devil. Fortunately, they are currently no threat like many of their brethern with similar whacky ideas.

JC Fremont said...

Haven't heard of "Extreme Reform Psychosis" before, but it looks like an extremely useful concept. I agree they're probably harmless.

RECCHIP said...

This guy takes the cake!!

I "read through" his website. He cannot be "catagorized."

I thought, since he is anti-Catholic, he might be a Jack Chick type, nope-Jack teaches the rapture

I thought, since he teaches against all churches, he might be a "Camping type", nope-Camping teaches annihililationism, this guy teaches perpetual punishment.

This guy is for a Saturday Sabbath, but is against the Seventh Day Adventists.

He teaches geocentrism which would put him in the same catatory as Robert Sugenis. But, since Robert is a Roman Catholic-no dice.

He says that the closest would be Calvinists but then strongly criticizes Calvin.

This guy is on his own little planet. (Maybe he is sharing one with a Mormon!! Galoob here we come!!)

Lord Have Mercy!! (ok, since I am an Anglican I have to add)

Christ Have Mercy!

Sibyl said...

Truth be told, there is a lot of influence of paganism/syncretism in the traditions/customs of the church.

Even in the KJV, Pesach/Passover was translated 'Easter' (a Roman holiday). Eggs, rabbits, Christmas trees, Yule logs all have pagan connections.

Personally, I get the urge around Oct. 15 every year to sleep through until Jan 6.

I HATE everything about the Santy Claus Commercial Martha Stewart Western Christmas (the extreme glut/hype, demands, etc.) except the celebration of the coming of the Messiah.

It has to do with my age (sixties), childhood/family background, endless Christmas marathon cooking, shopping, wrapping, cleaning, decoratin, etc. ordeals and agonies, being divorced, and a number of other reasons. Most of our family birthdays were in Nov. and Dec. as well.

It was horrible and exhausting and completely overshadowed Jesus.

Wannabe, as antidote to the angry article decrying Christmas that you linked, I recommend these Christmas articles from The Curmudgeon: