Friday, April 13, 2007

Straight Talk about “Women’s Studies” and Feminism

Duke began its Women’s Studies program around when I graduated. It was a big tip off to me that Duke might be going downhill.

I’ve long opposed Women’s Studies programs. They are nothing but feminist propaganda and have no place in a genuine university. Now propaganda of all sorts is part of the university atmosphere. That’s well and good. But you don’t give an ideological viewpoint its own department . . . if you have any backbone and common sense that is. Such departments only narrow the mind, not educate it.

But rarely do I hear anyone taking on these programs. So Jennifer Roback Morse’s voice is music to my ears.

By the way, her intro rings particularly relevant, in light of recent events:

I hesitate to proclaim the death of feminism, since it seems to be alive in the public square. Men are still being persecuted on trumped up rape charges. Fathers are still being kept out of their children's lives. The abortion lobby is still whining about crisis pregnancy centers. . . .

Before I came across her article, I was thinking how feminazis were in the forefront of the lynch mob to destroy the Duke Lacrosse Three, and how they have fought to rig the justice system against falsely accused men.

And if you’re offended by my use of “feminazi,” then you probably don’t get the harm they have shamelessly inflicted on society. May the tribe of Dr. Morse and others who tell it like it is about them increase.

Hat tip to Drell’s Descants.

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