Monday, April 23, 2007

Central African Anglican Bishops Support Mugabe.

This is truly disturbing. The Primate of Central Africa and a number of other Anglican bishops have written a letter supporting Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe.

And this while Catholic bishops have put themselves at risk by opposing that thug.

Few things are worse than and provoke me personally as much as those who use the name of Christ to support such blatant evil. I have no problem suggesting a special place in Hell may await those who have used the Name to support Nazism, Communism, abortion etc. and have not repented. It’s really blasphemy of the worse sort. And supporting Mugabe certainly falls into the same category.

I’m old school. I strongly believe there are times to excommunicate and anathemize.

Now is such a time.

Hat tip to Stand Firm.

Afterword: As contemptable as the letter is, I now think I may have overreacted. Apologies to all if I indeed have.

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