Friday, April 20, 2007

News Media Botches Abortion Coverage . . . Again

As awful as partial birth abortion is, it does shine light on the depravity of the pro-abortion crowd and their cheerleaders in the news media.

GetReligion has posted a detailed piece documenting some of the slanted and at times flat out false coverage of the Supreme Court decision this week on partial birth abortion.

I’ve followed news media coverage of abortion for too many years, including writing a massive and detailed paper back in my Duke days on major newspaper coverage of abortion-related events I attended. And I can assure you the major news media are unwilling and perhaps unable to cover abortion with a reasonable degree of fairness and accuracy. It was so twenty-five years ago. And it is so today.

By the way, guess the identity of the Washington Post reporter who covered one of the Marches for Life I attended? Janet Cooke. How appropriate.

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