Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Has Newsweek No Shame?

I’ve never had a very high opinion of Newsweek or of its publisher, the Washington Post, but this rant from Susan Jacoby surprises even me.

I don’t have the temperament to go over it line by line without spontaneously combusting. But what she does in short is insist that anti-Catholicism is not significant in America today, all the while trotting out a multitude of stereotypes against conservative Catholics and conservative Christians as a whole.

She reminds of an idiot insisting there is no racism in America today while using every imaginable anti-Black stereotype and the N-word in doing so.

Newsweek or just about any national magazine would be called to the carpet if they ran such a racist piece. And they should be called to the carpet for running Susan Jacoby’s rant against conservative Catholics.

But they won’t, of course. Such are double standards in American liberal public life.

Hat tip to MCJ, which takes a slightly lighter approach to this.

Afterword: I was about to post this when I came across this comment at MCJ. It says it all so well, I’ll just conclude by quoting it:

The only proof one's needs of anti-Catholicism is the fact that this article has appeared in a major news magazine. Would Newsweek have *dared* to publish an opinion piece charging that there is no homophobia and that it's all a product of GLAAD? That anti-Semitism doesn't exist and that's all a product of the Anti-Defamation League? That racism doesn't exist and it's all a product of the NAACP? Of course not. It's only acceptable to publish this AT ALL because of the anti-Catholic bias she so virulently denies. Idiot.

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