Monday, April 02, 2007

Holy Week

In my spiritual journey, it’s remarkable that I’m now using the term “Holy Week” at all.

In my younger, even less reverent, low church past, I used to be amused by higher church types’ use of the word “holy” for various things. It sounded so pious and overly devotional to me. Inwardly, I made fun of those who called things holy this and holy that, including “Holy Week.”

Please don’t be too offended. A quirk of mine is that once I became a Christian as a teenager, poking fun at my fellow Christians of every churchmanship imaginable, including my own churchmanship, became quite a sport for me. I even listened to Christian radio for laughs.

Anyway, God must have a strange sense of humor, too. For here I am now using “Holy Week” without batting an eye.

Speaking of Holy Week, I’m not sure how much or on what I’ll be posting. I have decided to give up snarkiness and negativity for the week, God help me.

If something really provokes me, I’ll just save it for next week.

Next week might be interesting.

I might post something this week, so feel free to check. But in any case, do have a blessed Holy Week.

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