Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reading Lists for Oxford

Two preparatory reading lists for the program I’ll be in this Fall in Oxford are in.

For background reading on Oxford and England, the following are suggested:

Morris, Jan, Oxford (1988)
Bryson, Bill, Notes from a Small Island (1997)
Morgan, Kenneth, ed. Oxford Illustrated History of England, Oxford (1993)

For the lecture course on Medieval Europe, these are suggested:

Holmes, George, The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe (2001/1988)
Bartlett, Robert, The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonization & Cultural Change (1994)
Southern, Richard Scholastic Humanism & the Unification of Europe (1995-2000)
Lewis, C.S., The Discarded Image (1964)

I’m excited the C.S. Lewis book is on the list. I’ll have to read that one for sure.

Any thoughts on the other books? I doubt I will want to read them all. So input is welcome.

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