Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bishops Combat Environmental Racism!

The Episcopal Church may be months away from losing its place in the Anglican Communion. But you wouldn’t know it from the TEC House of Bishops meeting. What are they focusing on?

You guessed it – the U. N. Millennium Development Goals! And the usual deadmainline leftisms as well:

The day's agenda follows both Sunday sabbath time and Saturday lectures and workshops focused on theological, scientific, and practical aspects of environmental sustainability as one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Peace and justice work framed by the MDGs is the first of five 2007-2009 churchwide mission priorities designated by the General Convention.

Yep. The usual “peace and justice work” is far more important that getting in line with Christ, his word, and his church.

Because after all, what is the church for but pimping for the U.N. and fighting “environmental racism”?

And the environment is racist. Look at tornadoes. What do they hit? Trailer parks full of redneck crackers, of course. Ever heard of a tornado hitting a ghetto? Cased closed.

Soon, they will be fighting environmental homophobia and feeling so good and smug about it – as they should. Ever heard of a tornado or hurricane hitting San Francisco? It’s environmental homophobia!

Anyway, it’s good to see the Episcopal Church has its priorities in order.

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