Friday, March 16, 2007

BREAKING: Episcopal Election of Mark Lawrence Nullified on Technicalities

TEC Presiding Bishop Katharine Schori has declared the election of Mark Lawrence to be the next Bishop of South Carolina to be null and void.

What adds to the outrage of this matter is that she clearly did so on technicalities as acknowledged even by her allies:

Although the required number of bishops consented to Lawrence’s consecration, and a majority of diocesan standing committees appeared to give their consent, insufficient consents from the standing committees were in the proper form.

As you know, my opinion of PB Schori is not high. But I did not think she would stoop to such pettiness in such an important matter. And let there be no mistake – she did not have to nullify this election.

There will be, or certainly should be, consequences. But I’ll leave that for future posts. I will once again warn as did two days ago:

Those remaining TEC orthodox who think they will be able to elect and consecrate robustly orthodox bishops now and world without end should take pause.

Christopher Johnson has more here and here.

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