Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anglican Federation Growing

While I -- and just about everyone else -- wasn’t looking, the Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas has grown. The Episcopal Missionary Church (EMC) joined just this year. And I think the Anglican Church in America (ACA) is a recent addition as well. We’re now about 450 parishes.

And last week came word (scroll down) that the Diocese of the Holy Cross in interested in joining.

I think this federation is an excellent way to go – respecting differences among orthodox Anglicans who are high church, low church, and in between while quickly bringing about greater unity based on truth. Doing this as a federation rather than outright mergers gives us more flexibility to do so. And that’s important since the need for orthodox unity is urgent in light of the events of recent years.

And Archbishop Gregory Venables is the Patron of the Federation. You can’t beat that!

I think those who find they must flee the Episcopal Church (or who are considering Anglicanism) would do well to consider jurisdictions in the Federation. But that’s another post.

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