Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No Safe Place: The Consent is in the Mail?

The deadline for consent to the consecration of Mark Lawrence as Bishop of South Carolina has come and gone. Yet the drama continues. It appears that he is one short of the consents needed from standing committees. He has received the necessary consent from bishops.

As Living Church and others point out, with logistics and procedures, it is not yet clear whether he has received the necessary consents or not. For all we know, the U. S. Postal Service possesses the needed 56th standing committee consent.

I wonder if the Diocese of South Carolina has been told, “The consent is in the mail.”

As Captain Yips notes, what is at least the extreme difficulty in getting consents for Lawrence puts the lie to all the Episcopal talk about “inclusiveness,” “diversity,” "tolerance," etc.

Those remaining TEC orthodox who think they will be able to elect and consecrate robustly orthodox bishops now and world without end should take pause.

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