Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Looking Forward to Oxford

It’s becoming more “real” that I’ll be studying in Oxford this Fall, God willing. Getting an excellent apartment booked just down the street from Christ Church has contributed to that reality sinking in. And that has renewed my excitement, which borders on giddiness at times.

I hope to prepare myself as best I can. I’ll be studying medieval European history, particularly medieval church history this Fall at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. And I hope to incorporate further study of the liturgy into that. So I’m continuing my reading. Lately, I’ve been reading the Oxford American Prayer Book Commentary (which cost me not a little to acquire). Yes, I’m a liturgy nerd. And I’ve been reading on illuminated church books, a subject that has fascinated me since I attended the Cambridge Illuminations exhibit. At some point I must read that copy of Bede lying somewhere in my apartment.

I am quite serious about my studies. But I will be taking a reduced academic load in order to have plenty of time to explore and study on my own . . . and just to enjoy the Oxford experience, of course.

I invite guidance and advice on how best to prepare and to make the most of my time at Oxford. One or more readers may be getting e-mails before long. But I invite guidance from all readers. What would be good to read beforehand? I want to make the most of and enjoy the great Oxford libraries. (When I took the tour of the Bodleian and saw all those olllddd books, I drooled.) Any tips on that? Any other tips and advice?

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