Thursday, March 29, 2007

And you think I’m hard on the Episcopal Church.

Over at Stand Firm I came across this very interesting post at The Iconic Midwest, a blog that’s new to me.

TIM has been watching “the slow disintegration of the Episcopal Church” for years from the outside. But he doesn’t pull any punches:

It was once said that the Catholic Church made philosophy the handmaiden of theology. Well, the Episcopal Church is now attempting to make theology, political ideology's bitch.

And he feels that the Episcopal Church is showing us the future of the Roman Catholic Church. I disagree with him, at least for the foreseeable future, only because of the profound reform of the Episcopate and Magisterium under the long pontificate of John Paul II. But before John Paul, the Roman Catholic Church was heading in the wrong direction and will again if “progressives” or whoever needs to put in their place in the future aren’t indeed put in their place. The fight for the faith will continue until Jesus returns. But Catholics are going in the right direction for the foreseeable future.

But back to the Episcopalians, TIM, in a particularly perceptive passage, quotes Ephraim Radner’s account of a Colorado TEC leader publicly inviting him to leave the Episcopal Church. The said leader has since been appointed to a taskforce on their “common life.” TIM remarks:

There is an almost perfect Stalinist moment in all of this. Obviously the "Taskforce on Common Life" will be used as an instrument of ideological purification when entrusted to the likes of folks like these. Shall we start the purges now or later?

I think “now” is more like it, complete with show trials.

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