Thursday, September 28, 2006

Presbyterian Layman Special Issue on PCUSA Hardline Property Tactics

I’m a bit behind on some things, so I won’t post much detail now. But in my mail today is a Special Edition of the Presbyterian Layman focusing on PCUSA’s hardline property tactics against orthodox congregations who are considering leaving that denomination. Here’s online access to the articles.

It’s an eye-opener, even for those who (like me) look with great disdain on the mainline Presbyterian Church’s national leadership.

I may have more to say about the contents of this issue, but it’s clear what the pattern in PCUSA is:

1. Jam liberal aims down the throats of conservatives, precedent, scripture, unity, and church law be damned if necessary.

This once again occurred in the last General Assembly when that august body bypassed the presbyteries to, for all practical purposes, make its constitution’s moral requirements for ordination of none effect.

2. When 1. predictably causes orthodox congregations to be fed up and consider leaving the denomination, use ungodly means of coercion, suppression, and outright punishment, including lawsuits and property grabs.

Hmmm, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

In fact, this familiar pattern may be leading me to a conclusion about the viability of orthodox congregations staying in the Presbyterian Church and in you-know-where.

I want to sleep on this first, though. But stay tuned. I will likely say more in due time.

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