Monday, September 11, 2006

Jordan Hylden on this Month’s Bishops’ Meetings

The New York summit of leading Episcopal bishops begins today. Pray.

There is a thoughtful piece by Jordan Hylden over at First Things on this month’s three major meetings among Anglican bishops. It summarizes well what’s at stake.

I agree with his concern that it’s not just inflexibility from liberals but also from conservatives that could cause problems going forward. Insisting that blatant apostasy be dealt with is one thing. Insisting (as I can be tempted to do) that apostates be booted now or else may be quite another.

(Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to make a permanent link to the article. But it’s on the front page of the First Things site for now as the September 11th entry of “On the Square.” So go there. In addition, there are comments at titusonenine. UPDATE: BabyBlue has posted the entire article.)

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