Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Sad News from the Pontificator

Some time back, I lamented Anglicanism losing Al Kimel, aka the Pontificator. Now, the Blogdom of God is apparently losing him as well.

He has announced that he is scaling back his blog and closing the comments.

I’ve dared to disagree with the Pontificator more than once. I certainly wish he had not made this decision. And I’ve noted that his solution to everything is “Join the Catholic Church,” ribbing that he takes with grace.

But his posts, responses and comments have always been deeply thoughtful in every sense of the word. His blog has been great nourishment and exercise for both mind and spirit for many for years, including for me. And . . . and, dang, he will be greatly missed.

May God bless Father Al and all his endeavors.

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