Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jordan Hylden on Recent Anglican Developments

Jordan Hylden has written another thoughtful piece for First Things, this time focusing on recent statements from +++Rowan, Camp Allen, and the Global South Primates. I won’t go into the article in detail. But do read it for yourself.

There are two issues I and some others have with the article. First, I found it a bit optimistic about the current Anglican mess getting worked out. I hope he’s correct, and on a good day I might agree with him. But I think him too optimistic. Frankly, I think +++Rowan is too unwilling to let those hell bent on walking away from orthodox faith and polity walk away. I hope I’m proven wrong.

Second, I do not think staying within the Episcopal Church is a viable long term course. Hylden thinks it may be.

There is an interesting discussion carried on a refreshingly honest and high level on these and other aspects of the article here. Note the anguish of comment 5. It reflects what many orthodox Anglicans feel, that they cannot much longer endure being tied to what they see as an “apostate rotting corpse.” Mr. Hylden’s thoughtful reply is comment 14.

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